A Stormy US: Atmospheric River In Pacific To Spawn More Nor’Easters Off New England?

Written by on March 17, 2018 in United States of America, Winter 2017/18 with 0 Comments

The models have been all over an increasingly busy storm pattern for the West Coast with the continuation of a highly energetic Pacific jet stream. There is the potential for an atmospheric river setup developing and firing one low after the next into California next week. This is nothing new as we’ve seen a ramp up in rain, wind and snow in the last 10 days over California but with a possible AR developing, this may support more coastal low pressure development off the East Coast. These lows of course cross the Rockies and can re-energise E of the Rockies when warm, moist Gulf air is plugged. This can lead to large systems with an intense blizzard on the NW side and heavy flooding rain and severe weather including tornados on the SE side.

Then as these lows head towards the Atlantic, feedback and the development of a coastal low is possible. We have of course seen 3 intense storms within 2 weeks and the truth is more may be on the way.

Credit: weather.com

Credit: weather.com

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