As ‘Beast From The East Part 2’ Arrives, AMBER Snow Warnings Are Issued For England/Wales

The cold continental air is now making it’s way back across the North Sea. With cold air and precipitation comes the renewed threat for disruptive snowfall, especially for England and Wales but nowhere will be immune from seeing snow at least in ‘shower’ form through the weekend. With an hour of daylight gained since the previous record breaking beast, low level snow will become harder to really accumulate by day but expect significant high elevation snow. Any significant snow at low levels with London and South likely in the firing line, likely won’t still around for long.

It’s been snowing over the higher ground of Scotland this morning but as the colder air digs in, so temps will fall through the rest of today and precip will change over to wet snow at lower levels, especially this evening.


We’re back to temps -1 to +3C, east winds of 15-25 mph and a chill between -4 to -8C widely with convective ‘sea effect snow showers’ through tomorrow.


Like the last time, snow showers will impact eastern areas greatest with some pushing through the Central Lowlands but the biggest concern is across southern parts of the UK where snow is expected to become disruptive.


UNLIKE the last time, this is a short lived punch from the east and high pressure is expected to build overhead but could lead to unusually cold mid to late March nights over the snowfields of Highland Scotland, perhaps the N Pennines late weekend into early next week.


As well as the snow, wind will also be an issue today and through the weekend.

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