Moscow gets biggest 24/36-hour snowfall, 2nd greatest for Paris since 1987

After what’s been a pretty mild season across Europe, winter weather continues to dominate much of Europe so far this February. That’s despite a +NAO.

The GFS 850mb chart says it all, note the coverage of arctic air stretching from Russia all the way to Morocco.


The biggest deal for the current cold isn’t so much temperature but snowfall and it’s been highly significant for Moscow and Paris.

The heavy European snows first hit Moscow last weekend, a city home to 14 million and familiar with winter conditions. However they ultimately witnessed their snowiest 24-36 hour period in history. 17 inches within 24 hours and 22 inches within 36 hours. Dubbed by some as the ‘storm of the century’.

Schools had a first ever ‘snow day’ which meant they were shut for the first time ever.

Then as the arctic air travelled southwest, heavy snows hit Paris and Madrid causing widespread disruption. According to social media reports, this was the biggest amount of snow seen in central Paris in ‘years.

According to Etienne Kapikian (@EJMeteo)

12 cm (4.7 inches) of #snow in the official #Paris Montsouris station : very similar to 8 Dec 2010 (12 cm too).
Before 2010, we have to go back to 14 Jan 1987 to have more #snow than that in Paris (14 cm then).
So in the last 30 years, 12 cm only twice.

A thing of great beauty in the world’s most romantic city can also bring complete misery.

Visible satellite shows the mass of cloud covering much of France. That was the big snow producer and shall clear tonight.

Clearing skies will make for a cold night ahead across France with the model picking up the lying snow nicely.

Credit: Simon Cardy

We once again received accumulating snow across many parts of Scotland Monday night into Tuesday followed by a another cold morning this morning with many snow covered areas of Scotland and N England dipping to between -6 and -8C.

Simon Cardy

Credit: Glasgow Live @Glasgow_Live

Plenty of steam coming off the buildings of Glasgow this morning.

Credit: Glasgow Live @Glasgow_Live

-7C in Kirkintilloch and Cumbernauld but car and lorry gages were reading -10C at Abington on the M74.

MORE UK SNOW on the way Friday and Sunday and I think this winter still has a lot to throw at us yet.

More on upcoming snow potential and further down the road in the next day or so. Stay tuned.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Timo Elliott‏ @timoelliott

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