SSWE (sudden stratospheric warming) is one thing, where it affects is another

Whether you love weather, cold weather or both, we all get excited at the thought of a sudden stratospheric warming event. No question it’s a truly spectacular event and awesome to watch on the many incredible graphics we have at our finger tips these days.

While they only occur every so many years, there is a problem when they do occur with either the collapse of the entire polar vortex or split. Either way we know it’s effects often lead to extreme cold winter weather for a prolonged period within the mid latitudes. But where do those cold pools go? The upcoming SSWE which is seen by the models may see a piece of the vortex drop into Western Europe bringing us bitter cold during the later of February and much of March OR could go into eastern Europe with mild blocking high pressure leaving the UK disappointed.

While the SSWE looks likely, the models still have differing opinion on where the cold pool sets up. For example the first below chart doesn’t look good for cold weather lovers in the UK and west of Europe.

However, this does!

Latest tweets on the forecasted SSWE.

Let’s hope it favours cold for Western Europe including the UK and Ireland. Will continue updating on this situation as it unfolds.

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