First ‘Beast from the East’ to briefly pay a visit to UK early next week

Back at the beginning of last month we had a few folks screaming ‘beast from the east’ but without a cold source for that ENE to blow from, it’s nothing more than a cool easterly wind.

However, the setup appears good for a true biting easterly to develop early next week as cold air builds this weekend over Scandinavia. With high pressure toppling in across Scotland and into the Norwegian Sea, that cold air will get pulled underneath the high and into the UK before the next front moves into the UK from the Atlantic and the ENE winds connecting Scandinavia with southern England is disrupted.

Expect the chill to intensify Sunday into Monday from what is marginally cold air now.

Check out the cold 850s sliding under the high and pushing in over southeast Britain.


Tonight is mainly clear and cool with a widespread frost and ice threat. Tomorrow sees a system move in and essentially stall tomorrow making for a rather dull damp day with snow largely confined to elevation.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

The our upper air pattern supports a cold ENE wind with further snow showers during the second half of Sunday for eastern and southern parts of the UK.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

It looks brief because we continue to have a dominant WESTERLY upper air pattern thanks to the +NAO but the lows crossing the Atlantic look to contain some pretty cold air and the system crossing Scotland later Monday into Tuesday looks rather snowy to me, so don’t expect us to really warm up mid and late next week once we loose the easterly.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Another important factor in determining a true ‘beast from the east’ is not only a very cold source but is the winds blowing straight from the source region of Russia, Baltics or Scandinavia straight (uninterrupted) into the UK. The isobars don’t have an deviations and look to connect a cold Russia with southern Britain. That’s a proper biting easterly flow…

The meteorology behind the ‘Beast from the East’


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