What a front! From Record 50s, 60s to 20s & snow in hours! What a difference a week makes!

As expected, a powerful southeast-bound cold front is lifting temps out ahead and dropping them like a stone behind. Cities across the Midwest and East have seen highs yesterday and today in the upper 50s/low 60s only to be back in the 20s less than 12 hours later.

For some, we’re seeing 40-degree drops within a few hours and a flash freeze.

Credit: WGN-TV Weather

From above freezing to a low of -11 for Minneapolis. Note -36 for Intl Falls.

High today, just 5 degrees!

and so the chill holds through much of next week.

Credit: wxbell

Next up for the crash and flash freeze is the eastern Great Lakes and Northeast

What a difference a week makes right?

Yesterday and today


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