Chicago, New York, Boston shoot for 60F, Canada shivers at -58F, Alaska -54F, BIG crash coming!

Following the coldest opening week to a January in history and 3rd longest sub 32 stretch, NYC amongst other major cities are shooting for 60 degrees ahead of another powerful arctic front poised to drive temps 30-40 degrees within 12 hours.

Up it goes then down it goes for NYC.

Credit: Bill Evans

Even Chicago is expected to hit 60 today. Wow

Then in comes the cold again.

Warmth has dominated the 2017-18 winter in Alaska so far but as is often the case, once the Lower 48 sees the return of a mild Pacific flow and warmer air lifting north, so the trough and cold returns to Alaska.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Chicken, AK observed the states lowest temperature of the season so far with a low of -54F yesterday morning.

Meanwhile across the border into Northwest Territories and we see Canada’s first -50C (-58F).

A major storm system is gathering force now between the very mild, almost spring-like moisture rich air sweeping north and frigid cold diving south straight from the core of the -50C air over NWT.

Check out the mild ahead and cold which follows for NYC

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