Eastern US endures Coldest opening 7 Days of January in History!

The majority of the Eastern US has just witnessed it’s coldest opening week of January in recorded history. A mammoth record to see fall.

Even for the period between Dec 25 and Jan 7, it’s been coldest on record for the Northeast. Amazing.

It’s not only the Northeast but the Great Lakes region too.

Thank or blame the sustained nature of this outbreak. Records have been broken, tied or approached for No of consecutive days below 32, 25 and 20 degrees including the DC to Boston region while many Upper Midwest and Great Lakes cities shivered in their coldest New Years eve/day on record followed by day after day in the teens and below 0 at night.

Night time lows in the official sites of DC, Philly, NYC and Boston failed to reach significant benchmarks such as 0 in Philly and NYC but daytime highs were significant with coldest day since 1994.

Sustained cold made Long Island look more like the arctic.

Testament to intensity and duration of this cold, upper Delaware Bay has a lot of ice as does the inlet waters of coastal New Jersey.


Memorable scenes of the cold blast in DC.

Even coastal waters separating the Outer Banks of NC from the mainland has icing.

Now for the WARM UP!

Via Bill Evans

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Brigantine Beach NJ @BrigChamber

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