Arctic Outbreak peaks as NYC, Philly endure coldest day since 1994, Eastern North Carolina dips below 0

Following another overnight in the single digits and wind chills below zero, there was little recovery in temperature during the sunny hours of yesterday afternoon. So much so it was the coldest day since 1994.

Yesterday AM

While New York City failed to surpass 13 degrees, Philadelphia didn’t get above 16 degrees. What’s significant about these readings? It’s the coldest daytime maximum for both since 1994. However, the much hoped 0 or lower last night, well it didn’t happen due to wind.

This morning was darn cold with some above and some below expectation.

While overnight lows failed to reach expectation, the cold highs have and the sub-freezing stretch is too.

For New York City


Washington DC

This morning’s lows was most noteworthy over the snow cover of eastern Virginia and North Carolina where it dropped to 0F are below not far west of the Outer Banks.

This cold is helping hold onto snow cover even in coastal North Carolina 3 DAYS after the storm. Amazing!

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