DC TO BOSTON: Could Arctic Blast Match The Awe of Record ‘Bomb Cyclone’?

The Blizzard of 2018 will go down as one of the strongest East Coast storms on record. Remembered for it’s size bringing rain to Central America while snow 2,200 miles north in Canada, large wind field of tropical-storm force wind, rare snows along coastal Georgia and South Carolina as well as bringing Tallahassee it’s first measurable snow in 28 years. Snow totals in the Big Cities from DC north weren’t particularly noteworthy but the drifting and cold helped bring the region to it’s knees and make for an extreme event.

Credit: NASA

Credit: weather.com

Credit: weather.com

The reason? It’s astonishing 59mb drop within 24 hours was aided by bitterly cold air merging with warm sub-tropical air and interaction with the Gulf Stream. This explosive deepening generated an enormous wind field of 50+ mph winds stretching from North Carolina to Canada and hurricane-like conditions along coastal New England with storm surge flooding even reaching metro Boston.

Holden, ME: 24.0″
Sharon, MA: 19.0″
Brick & Bayville, NJ: 18.0″
Hancock, NH: 17.9″
Warren, RI: 16.9″
Staffordville, CT: 16.6″
Terryville, NY: 16.4″
Hallwood, VA: 14.8″
Morgan, VT: 14.0″
Pittsville, MD: 13.0″
Rockyhock, NC: 12.0″
Stockley, DE: 11.4″
Andrews, SC: 8.0″
Ellabell, GA: 6.0″
Killearn Lakes, FL: 0.1″

Credit Jesse Ferrell


Here are some notable gusts recorded from the storm:

Grand Etanq, Nova Scotia: 106 mph
Nantucket: 76 mph
Halifax, Nova Scotia: 73 mph
Block Island, R.I.: 71 mph
Long Island (Calverton): 64 mph
Dewey Beach, Del.: 61 mph
Cape May, N.J.: 59 mph
Providence, R.I.: 55 mph
New York JFK: 52 mph
Boston: 51 mph
Washington, D.C. (Reagan National): 49 mph

From Capital Weather Gang

It was a cold one all the way to South Florida this morning in the storm’s wake.

Credit: WeatherBug

Not every day snow cover snow survive the morning after along the coastal plains never mind the beaches of South Carolina.

Credit: Ray White‏

As a result, it was downright frigid over the snow cover of the coastal plain.

Ed Piotrowski

Charlotte, NC has just observed it’s coldest 5 night stretch since 1994 with lows in the teens and down to a record 8 degrees.

The chill reached South Florida.

So, will the arctic blast match the storm?

The last time New York City officially hit 0 was Valentines Day 2015, before that it was 1996. For Philadelphia it was 1996. The last time Boston hit -10 was 1957. These 3 cities have a shot at these thresholds Sunday morning as a frigid high builds over fresh snow cover.

Credit: WxBell

weather channel forecast

Credit: weather.com

It’s a top 5 coldest past week for the time of year on record.

It’s sure been an impressive past week for the Northeast.


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