Snowy, frosty scenes from the December ’17 cold spell, Shawbury is coldest at -13C

It’s been a cold first half to December 2017 and coldest since 2010.

Credit: Michael Ventrice

Here are some beautiful wintry scenes captured in recent days across the UK.

Katesbridge, Co Down dipped to -9.6C the day following the snow to make it Northern Ireland’s coldest morning of the winter.

View of the Shawbury weather site on the morning -13C was recorded. Lowest value for the UK so far.

Credit: Met Office

St Mary the Virgin church. Shawbury was made colder by the ‘albedo effect’, said weather experts. Photograph: David Sillitoe for the Guardian

No snow in Milton of Campsie but heavy frost still made for a lovely scene.

Credit: Mark Vogan

Hoar frost near Kilsyth

Credit: Mark Vogan

Credit: Mark Vogan

Credit: Mark Vogan

Then we finally got snow right on my daughter Holly’s 4th birthday.

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