Parts of Mexico to see measurable snow before Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York, Boston

It’s been kind of a strange fall with record cold followed by record warm and snow falling in Georgia before much of Maine. Now it’s the Big bend of Texas and Mexico’s turn to see snow before parts of the Northern US. The cities of Omaha, Neb, Detroit, MI and Pittsburgh, PA have still to see their first snow. Even Boston, New York City and Philadelphia all have yet to record their first measurable snow.

With a strong ridge centred over the Pacific Northwest, arctic air is drilling south down the Plains and drifting west from Texas into northern Mexico around the southern flank of the high. Strangely it’s the southern edge of a frontal boundary extending from North Carolina down into Mexico where the coldest air and snow is.


Credit: Tropical Tidbits

As well as Texas, light accumulation is expected even at lower levels of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, northern Zacatecas and Nuevo León provinces. Biggest amounts are expected in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains in Coahuila state where over a foot is possible.


Credit: Tropical Tidbits


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