Lower 48 ends November With 3.5% Snow Cover, Least For Time of Year In 14 Years

As of November 26, a mere 3.5% of the Lower 48 had snow on the ground. That’s the least for the final week of November in at least 2003 when records began.

As you can see from the map above, a huge swathe of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan will commence December snowless. All thanks to the incredible record warmth stretching from Los Angeles to Calgary. While many Northern sites opened November coldest since 2006, their ending one of the warmest. Cities which were record cold to start are record warm to finish. Take Denver where they witnessed snow earlier in the month and yesterday hit 81 degrees, the warmest November day on record.


This is an incredible turnaround from the record 26% snow cover witnessed this same month back on November 8th which ironically was a 14 year high for the date.

The double irony in all this is that November 2017 is ending similar to 2016 which was the 2nd warmest November in US history. The saving grace to this November shall be the cold first half.


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