Kangerlussuaq, Greenland as warm as ANYWHERE in UK yesterday!

While Summit Station, Greenland has warmed 41C in 8 days from -55C to a current -14C, the west coast of Greenland enjoyed a balmy 12C, that’s 12 ABOVE freezing at Kangerlussuaq. The average maximum at this time of year here is -7C! The surge is warmth is all thanks to the strong upper ridge that’s replacing high octane polar air with mild oceanic air, AKA a strong negative North Atlantic Oscillation.

Kangerlussuaq Airport (source so-voyages.fr)

Summit Station temperature over the last 8 days.

Where has the Greenland cold gone? Well what goes up must come down and that’s exactly what’s happening when the jet stream dramatically buckles forcing air north-south rather than westerly.

Note the below GFS 850mb temp anomaly over Greenland vs UK.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

You’ve get columns of warm tropical air driving north while polar air drives south. Thankfully for the UK, we’re surrounded by mild ocean and so though the northerly wind is biting, the mild ocean water separating us from Greenland and the Arctic takes a lot of the chill out of the air.

Kangerlussuaq was pretty much as warm as ANYWHERE in the UK yesterday where the highest UK temperature was 12.5C, most was below 10C.

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