Oymyakon, Siberia Recieves first -50C in November since 2010

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The pole of cold is shivering in the deep freeze a little earlier this year. Following an exceptionally warm start to autumn, Siberia has turned bitter. This week has seen the first -50C of the season in the Northern Hemisphere (outside Greenland).

The coldest inhabited place on earth, Oymyakon dipped to -52C in recent days. That’s the lowest November value here since 2010.


List of recent -50C readings during November in Oymyakon via Etienne Kapikian.‏

2017: -52°C le 24/11

2010: -54°C le 29/11
2009: -51°C le 30/11
2004: -52°C le 27/11
2003: -54.5°C le 26/11 (& 9 Tmin consécutives < -50°C du 22 au 30/11)
2001: -52°C le 26/11.

The Oymyakon and Northern Hemisphere cold record stands at -71.2C.

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