Widespread Snow to Be Followed by Cold Nights

We were graced by plentiful wintry showers, snowy scenes, bracing NW wind and temperatures which barely cracked 2-4C today. All thanks to a cold NW flow with origins extending all the way to Greenland.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

This was the scene on the M9 near Stirling around lunchtime.

Credit: Mark Vogan

Near Dalwhinnie at around 2pm where the temperature was 0C.

Credit: Mark Vogan

Credit: Mark Vogan

Credit: Mark Vogan

With clear skies, shelter from the wind (east Highlands), snow cover and a cold base temp, I would imagine temperatures will dip towards -8 or -9C tonight and through the weekend.

Credit: Meteoceil

Certainly a nippy one in the wind on Cairngorm Summit!

Credit: Meteoceil

Braemar or Aboyne are likely to be coldest but even Aviemore and Dalwhinnie could push -8C if winds are light enough and skies clear over a solid snow cover.

Credit: BBC Weather

The weekend shall remain chilly as the NW flow continues, feeding in wintry showers to northern and western parts, always driest, sunniest further south and east you are.

Daytime temps even in the sunshine will remain at between 2-8C with overnight frosts, locally severe where there’s snow.

Next week stays cold. Will have more over the weekend.

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