Alaska gets first -40F as sun sets in Utqiaġvik (Barrow) for last time, won’t rise for 65 days!

As you’d expect, it’s getting ever colder in Alaska and the first 40 below has occurred in both Alaska and Yukon. On the US side, the tiny and notoriously cold settlement of Chicken just a few days became the Last Frontier’s first place to hit 40 below. This comes just days after the sun set for the last time up on the Arctic Coast where it won’t rise above the horizon again until later in January.

For Yukon, the settlement of Mayo likewise registered -40.

It’s getting cold with the first -20F reading for Fairbanks while the state’s first -40 was recorded at Chicken with an actual high of -43. However it’s been so warm so far this month that despite the current chill it remains well above average for the month overall.



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