LA NINA is back! Met Office model says mild, Atlantic driven winter for UK ahead!

Simon Cardy today shared the latest run of the MO model for mean sea level pressure January through March and it screams a mild, Atlantic driven winter with stronger than normal Azores high and Icelandic low which would strengthen a predominantly zonal jet stream into the UK and W Europe.

Credit: Met Office

500mb anomaly and 2 metre temp also mirrors the same outcome.

Credit: Met Office

This solution is based on an east positioned La Nina which was officially declared this past week by NOAA.

Don’t be too disheartened by the above. As I stated in my winter forecast, cold spells can be very impressive and impactful despite a warmer than normal winter. The solar cycle is heading towards the next minimum and so cold outbreaks are likely to become a feature in even a warm winter..

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