US Snow Cover At 14 Year High For Early November, Next Round of Snow, Arctic Air Arrives Today!

What a difference a November can make. While November 2016 turned out 2nd warmest on record for the US with barely any snow to be found, this November 8th has an impressive 26% coverage and greatest coverage of snow for this early in at least 14 years. The only other recent year comparable to this year since 2003 in 2011 which observed 21% coverage by Nov 8.

Interestingly North Dakota witnessed it’s warmest November on record last year while much of the state is now witnessing it’s coldest start to a November since 2006 where widespread snow has been followed by temperatures as low as -9F and colder air may come late this week.

The large coverage this year has been aided by two potent winter storms which slammed the Pacific Northwest and penetrated inland across the Northern Rockies and Plains. Unusually cold air from Arctic Canada drove south helping bring snow and not rain to Seattle and Portland. Seattle witnessed their 3rd earliest snowfall on record and earliest in some 42 years.

The Texas Panhandle has also observed it’s first snow while much of New England still wait thanks to recent warmth.

The chilly Northern interior is seeing more snow today and another wave of bitter cold shall follow this to end the working week.

Thankfully for Montana, Dakotas and even Minnesota, the core of cold slides east into the Great Lakes, had it dropped over the snow covered areas then this may have been one of the strongest November outbreaks.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

More like late Dec/early January tomorrow…

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