Coldest November open in over 10 years for N Rockies, Plains, Hottest on record for N Texas

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The extreme open to November 2017 continues between Montana’s snow and highs in the 10s and 90s in Texas. In between destructive tornados erupted along the tight thermal zone.

At the end of October, Dallas-Ft Worth Airport recorded a low of 34 degrees, their coolest for October since 1993, at the end of last week, the same site recorded it’s first ever 90-degree day in November and yesterday witnessed the THIRD 90 in the month.

It’s by far the warmest open to a November on record for Dallas and North Texas BUT coldest open since 2006 for Minneapolis…

While all the heat in Texas, heavy snow, frigid wind chill and air temps as low as -12 have affected Montana and the Dakotas.


Interestingly North American snow cover is at decadal highs for the time of year according to Judah Cohen.

Abundant snow cover allows arctic air to drill south and weaken minimally.

Not just the Rockies are cold but the N Plains too…

While cold in the Northwest and North now, it appears that trend continues deeper into the month according to the models.

Both AO and NAO are expected to go negative.

GFS ensemble 5-day means

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Notice the ping back of the eastern ridge but then return of the trough and that trough could mean impressive cold drilling into the Southeast.

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