Britain’s wettest place (Lake District) records 8.3″ of rain within 24 hours!

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The Lake District is arguably Britain’s wettest place, particularly when it comes to 24 hour rainfall. Within the last 10 years, two rain gauges within this notoriously soggy region have recorded the biggest 24 hour rainfall on record for the UK. Yesterday saw another deluge but thankfully not to the same extremity as 2009 and 2015.

Seathwaite Farm first set the UK record in 2009

Honister Pass rewrote the history books in 2015

Yesterday’s heavy rain was forecast but we saw DOUBLE what was expected!

Heavy rains hit western upslopes of Scotland during Tuesday night initially then the rain band dropped south and brought the greatest rains to the lakes where Honister Pass (homes to the latest UK 24 hour rainfall record) reported 211mm or 8.3 inches within 24 hours which led to flooding across the region.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Nick Anderson seenicksphotography

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