Record-breaking Hurricane Irma expected to regain Cat 5 status prior to Florida landfall

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After maintaining 185 mph sustained winds for a record breaking 37 straight hours and buzz sawing through the Caribbean islands of Barbuda, Saint Martin, Turks and Caicos to name some, Irma now sets it’s sights on the southern Bahamas and Florida through the next 48 hours.

Though ‘sustained’ winds were reduced to 150 mph and now back to 155 mph and the NHC is now forecasting a return to Category 5 status over the ‘deeper warmth’ of the Florida Straits.


Not one but three Category 3+ hurricanes in the Atlantic today.

After literally wiping out Barbuda and Saint Martin, Turks and Caicos and US/British Virgin Islands took quite the hit too.

Our eyes now turn to Cuba, southern Bahamas and of course Florida.

NHC has sustained winds at 155 but they are expected to INCREASE back into Category 5 threshold (160 mph possible) over the Florida Straits with a landfall expected somewhere between Key Largo and Key West early Sunday.

Latest GFS takes this system below 900mb prior to landfall in South Florida.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Credit: Tropical Tidbits


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