Despite warmest June day in 41 yrs/Warmest Aug bank hol… Icelandic low ruled summer ’17!

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Summer 2017 started promising with plenty of continental heat and humidity covering the majority of the UK but as we pushed through late June into July, the Azores high weakened and regained dominance over the central Mediterranean while Icelandic low pressure became the dominant force close to our W/NW shores therefore bringing the classic summer of sunny spells coupled with frequent cool, blustery showers across Ireland and Scotland. More back and fourth the further south and east you were. As usual, the Southeast corner has seen plenty of warm and at times hot days interspersed with cooler, cloudier, wetter days along with a good few thunderstorms.

Monday was a very different day depending upon where you were in the UK. Due to a southbound cold front, the UK was separated by two distinctly differing air masses.

It felt more like October across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland with wind, rain and a cool feel.

St Andrews, Fife yesterday PM

Credit: BBC Weather Watchers

South of the front, warm, humid air lifted into Southeast England yet again stealing most of the sun and particularly the warmth.

Yorkshire yesterday PM

Credit: BBC Weather Watchers

It was in fact the UK’s warmest late August bank holiday Monday on record yesterday.

To the north of the front, this morning started off cool within the clearer, fresher air while it remained sultry to the south, especially within Greater London.

Thanks to albeit a weakening front now pushing through Midland England and Wales, we should see a much better day across Northern Ireland, Scotland and Northern England despite some shower activity and while cloudier through the Midlands and SW, S Cent England, the far Southeast should achieve 28C once again from London to Kent.

What’s ahead?

As we continue through the rest of this week, Atlantic fronts shall bring wetter weather across England and Wales but just scattered showers across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

At least the start of the weekend looks promising with a retreating high holding long enough to provide a decent Saturday but Sunday may see the next Atlantic front move in. Looks like we’re back in the dry, bright followed by wet and breezy regime into next week again with this rut of low to NW, high to SE.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits


Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Looks like the GFS drives a more substantial low across Ireland and UK mid next week followed by a cool shot.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

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