Another 127 for Death Valley followed by 112 for Winner South Dakotas as blowtorch shifts east

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Heat is normal, so too are heat waves but the persistency of this summers intense heat is unusual even for the Southwest. If it continues then I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be one of the hottest summers on record.



Las Vegas tied it’s all-time record last month and during the past weekend, the thermometer fell just 1-degree shy with an impressive 116 degrees.

For a 2nd time this year, Death Valley soared to 127 and tied a daily record following an overnight minimum of 103 degrees.

As for Palm Springs, CA, June wound up 5.5 degrees warmer than normal and the hottest June on record with a tie of the all-time June record high topped 3 times.

Last Friday’s forecast was to be a hot one but as has been the case throughout the 2017 summer thus far, the forecast numbers have been too low.

Yet again the thermometer settled at 122 degrees yesterday for a 4th time this summer, falling just 1 shy of the all-time record. Between 2014 and 2016, the temperature only exceeded 120 once.

Just last summer, Palm Springs touched 122 on June 20. Last summer saw 110+ 24 times and this year, it’s topped 110 19 times and so it looks likely to beat last year with no end in sight.

Yesterday marked the 6th straight 100+ in Salt Lake City.

112 degrees in South Dakota, drought likely helping boost temps!

The core of the heat is drifting eastward over the Rockies with the Plains under the blow torch. Incidentally the drought is worsening for eastern Montana and the Dakotas and dry ground correlates to hotter temperatures.

It appears the current drought in North Dakota is the worst in 9 years while NE Montana is suffering it’s worst drought since 1988.

With the help of thunderstorm activity, temps were down in the desert but up on the plains. Yesterday saw Winner, SD hotter than Needles, CA with a high topping 112. Valentine, NE was as hot as Phoenix with 109.

Billings, MT touched 100 degrees and this was the warmest in nearly 3 years here.


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