A hot, humid and also stormy July afternoon

Before touching on today, I just want to throw up the maximum temperatures across the UK from yesterday and check out the contrast between Scarborough and London…

Credit: Simon Cardy

As forecast. It’s even warmer and more humid in the South this afternoon. Thanks to low pressure drifting over Kent from the Bay of Biscay, it’s also a stormy July afternoon/evening.

Credit: chorleyweather.com

A fairly warm air mass over the UK just now.

Credit: chorleyweather.com

Here’s the current temperatures for U UK/N France.

Credit: Meteoceil

Heat and humidity combined.

Credit: Meteoceil

UK overall

Credit: Meteoceil

It’s a hot one in Paris.

Credit: chorleyweather.com

Scotland isn’t so much warm as it is humid. Feeling sticky out there.

Hot, humid air is of course highly unstable and with low pressure and cooler air aloft, the atmosphere is primed for thunderstorm development. We’ve seen cells pop up through the course of Thursday and shall continue to see this through tonight.

Some of these storms could be severe with frequent cloud to ground lightning, gusty or even damaging wind, large hail and a risk of localised flash flooding. Hence why the MO has a warning in place.

Credit: Met Office

Expect another hot one tomorrow.

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