June closes unusually cool across much of Iberia while Greece, Turkey roast in Sahara-like 47.8C

June 2017 may go down as one of the warmest from Iberia to UK but it’s ending downright chilly across most of Iberia.

Month so far.


Blame an unusually far south dip in the jet stream which is driving fresh Atlantic air to sweep Iberia but the jet lifts way up into NE Europe, driving Sahara intensity heat across the Med and over Greece and Turkey.

Credit: wxcharts

Credit: wxcharts

Wednesday’s Iberia highs/anomaly


Michael Ventrice

Thursday’s Iberia highs/anomaly

Credit: Meteoceil

Credit: Michael Ventrice

Today was equally as cool if not even cooler for Iberia but it’s about to heat up as the jet weakens and retreats north. Normal summer shall resume for Spain and Portugal this weekend.

Greece, Turkey swelter

42.8C was achieved in Greece yesterday.

Today, 45C recorded near Athens and a near record 43C for central Athens!

It appears the Antalya, Kas area along Turkey’s Med coast soared to a stunning 47.8C today. Brutal!

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