Week started with record heat, ends with gales across Scotland, 91 mph gust over Cairngorm

The week opened hot with record temperatures across the southern UK but the week ends autumn-like with an unseasonably deep low bringing gales across northern Scotland.

Yesterday was windy, check out of the visible satellite showing the wave clouds created by wind and hills/mountain interaction.

Credit: Met Office

Despite the much fresher, blustery conditions, it still a fine day in the Western Isles.

Credit: BBC Weather Watchers

Heat considerably tempered but holding on in the Southeast with 25C recorded.

Credit: BBC Weather Watchers

Today’s weather chart and visible satellite view is more suited to autumn with a really nice swirl representative of a mature depression passing just north of Scotland providing a blustery day. If you look closely, check out the cloud waves crossing the Highlands.

Credit: Met Office

With relatively slow eastward progress of the low today, expect gusts of 40 mph widely across Scotland through the rest of Saturday but exposed areas over the central/west/north Highlands could see gusts over 50 mph and over the tops, 70mph+.

Credit: Met Office

Temps continue to dip and down on yesterday. Feeling chilly in the wind across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England.

Credit: Met Office

Less wind and therefore ‘feeling’ warmer tomorrow as low moves into Denmark.

Credit: Met office

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