After just 6mm in 6 weeks, Edinburgh gets 83mm (over a month’s-worth) within 36 hours

Yesterday was a downright dismal June day throughout the UK and likely wettest in several months! Wind driven rain fell pretty much all day yesterday suppressing temperatures 2-4C below normal with some places in Scotland having a hard time getting above 10C.

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Winds were strong enough to blow down trees in Somerset.

BBC Weather

The chilly air mass, helped by a stiff NW wind allowed snow to fall over Cairngorm Mountain.


While back in April Edinburgh was the UK’s driest place receiving a scant 3mm the entire month and only 6mm between April 1 and May 12, it was in fact the UK’s wettest place yesterday and the UK as a whole joined Edinburgh in a very soggy day.

BBC Weather

Within the 24 hours of yesterday, the Scottish capital received 65.3mm, 15 times what fell during all of May but within the last 36 hours, the city saw 83mm, more than the entire June average.

Today we see a welcome break with sun and warmer temperatures but tonight sees the next low move in from the SW.

Despite more wet, windy weather to come through the weekend, don’t fret! It turns more settled through next week. See video below for more.


FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Andrew Heald @andyheald


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