Europe Extremes: Austria swelters at a record 35C while snow blankets Murmansk, Russia

The highly amplified pattern has brought extremes not just with heat but cold too.

Check out the 2m temp anomaly over Europe yesterday. Quite the contrast between the Alps and Scandinavia.

Michael Ventrice

Back on Monday, the town of Horn set a new May record for Austria with 35C besting the old record of 34.9C set in 2008.

The following day saw this in Murmansk, Russia.

Credit: #MeteoRussia‏ @WeatherRUS

Of course in between the unusual warm vs cold triggered powerful severe weather causing big issues stretching from Berlin to Moscow.

As for the upcoming weekend, fresher Atlantic air shall sweep across the UK, eventually cleaning out the steamy continental air. Before the Atlantic air returns fully, the Southeast England warms into the upper 20s tomorrow but by Saturday and particularly Sunday, fresh wins for all.

BBC Weather

Quite the west/east thermal contrast tomorrow PM.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

A somewhat deeper low moves into Scotland Monday and this could bring the first gales in quite some time.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

However, as we go through next week, with LP to the WNW and HP holding ground over the continent, despite an unsettled pattern, especially for Northern Ireland and Scotland, plumes of warmth shall lift up from Iberia.

FEATURED: Credit: Rob’67 @RobAyrtonSenna

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