Turbat ties Pakistan and World’s highest May temperature following a new April record!

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Each and every April and May sees the pre-monsoonal heat build and peak across India and Pakistan leaving people tired, weary and ready for the rains.

Just last month, Larkana in Sindh province Pakistan captured weather headlines when the thermometer reached Asia and Pakistan’s first 50C in the month of April.

Yesterday witnessed Turbat, in southern Balochistan province hit 53.5C tying both a Pakistan and global heat record for May. The same temperature was record in Mohenjo Daro back on May 27, 2010 hence a tie of the record.

No doubt the World Meteorological Organisation will have to verify this 53.5C reading just like last July’s 54C in Mitribah, Kuwait and 53.9C the following day in Basra, Iraq which were both new national records.

The two long standing 1st and 2nd hottest temperatures on earth, 1. being the 57.8C in Libya back in 1922 and 56.7C at Death Valley, CA in 1913 have all but been discredited and so some in the meteorological community believe last year’s 54C in Kuwait may be earth’s hottest RELIABLE temperature.

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