UK gets first rain in 3 weeks, most in 6 weeks while Libya hits 47C, Greece 40C, snow in Russia

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Firstly, this was the scene here in central Scotland back on Thursday of last week…

Mark Vogan

The end of a lengthy dry spell in which high pressure dominated.

Credit: BBC Weather

Then the rains arrived and we had a very soggy Saturday over much of the UK…

First rains in 3 weeks for some and most in 6 weeks!

BBC Weather

While the atmospheric tap turned back on, unusually hot air by early May standards sizzled Libya’s Mediterranean coastal communities. The reason for mid-summer Saharan temperatures up against the typically cooler coast was due to a blazing hot, dusty southerly wind which boosted the temperature into the mid to upper 40s all the way to the Med coast. Cities including Tripoli witnessed 45C while Zouara hit 47C.

The heat didn’t remain on the Africa side but crossed into south-central Europe where Argos/Pyrgela touched 40.1C, Greece’s earliest 40C.

Check out the dust cloud sweeping off the Sahara across the Med into Greece.

Winter holds on in Russia

Meanwhile old man winter refuses to let go of far east, northeast Europe.

St Petersburg (May 12)

Credit: Severe Weather RU‏ @WeatherRUS

Kostomuksha, Russia near Finland border

Credit: Severe Weather RU‏ @WeatherRUS


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