END OF APRIL STORM: EF4 Tornado, 12″ rains, 30″ snow/blizzard, 100F heat, Nearly 1M lightning strikes

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What a final weekend of April for the US! A massive end of April storm brought record warmth, record flooding, severe weather with big and devastating tornadoes as well as heavy snow, strong wind and even blizzard conditions.

Here was the storm from space, loomed out!

Well ahead of the storm but in a strong SSW wind with origins reaching all the way back to the Leewards and aided by abnormally dry conditions, Tampa, Florida’s official recording site recorded a new all-time April heat record at 96 degrees.

Vandenberg hit an incredible 100 degrees.

Many heat records set up the East Coast.


On the warm side of the frontal boundary, we witnessed 6-12 inches of rain causing historic flooding.

Credit: NASA

Incredible flood scenes.


Credit: Brian Emfinger‏ @brianemfinger

Within the warm sector and where there was maximum upward motion and rotation, we witnessed multiple tornadoes with 2017’s second EF4 within the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

An all too familiar, devastating scene out of Canton, TX.

Upwards of 30 inches fell in parts of the High Plains…

While the heavy, windblown snow hit and for some, temporarily crippled parts of Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma on the last 2 days of April.

Blizzard conditions closed many roads in western Nebraska and Kansas.

Scenes from western Kansas.

Via Emily Younger‏ @eyoungerKSN

Via Emily Younger‏ @eyoungerKSN

The month of May opened with 13.1 inches of snow on the ground at the Wallace COOP site in western Kansas which counts as a new May snow depth record for the state.

Colorado plains.

A strong May sun wipes out even a foot of snow in no time.

Here’s an impressive picture of the snow covering SW Minnesota from a Las Vegas bound flight on May 1.

Via Jeff Last‏ @JeffLast

Close to 1 million lightning strikes!

Credit: Jesse Ferrell

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: John Jenkinson‏ @JohnJenkinson2

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