Pre-Monsoon Blowtorch Sets New April Benchmark For Pakistan and Asia

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A powerful upper ridge of high pressure has tormented the Asian Sub-continent since late March and throughout April with many inland areas exceeding 38C or 100F day after day.

The persistency is probably the biggest contributor to the deaths hundreds of deaths across India and Pakistan. No relief in sight with May often the hottest time of year with the monsoon not reaching central and northern provinces until June.

Credit: AccuWeather

Today Sets New April Records

The India and Pakistan hot spots have seen daily temperatures exceed 43C but after reaching 48C merely 36 hours, it looks like Larkana in the northwest of Sindh, Pakistan has set a new national and possibly ASIA benchmark for April with 50C (122F) recorded this afternoon. The old April record in Larkana was 48.5C set in 2010.

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According to Engr M Waqas the 50C reading in Larkana is the first ever recorded in Asia in April and 3rd time on earth. The other two was a 50C in 1998 and the other a 51C in 2011, both of which were in Mexico.

50C days in the Pakistani hot spot isn’t uncommon but for April it sure us. Just last May saw a high of 50C and the city also holds the Pakistan all-time record of 53.7C set back on May 31, 1998.

Road into Larkana, Sindh (Credit: Ayaz Buriro‏ @AyazBuriroPPP)

Sukkur set a new April record with a high of 47C surpassing the old record of 46.5C set in 2000.

Moen-jo-Daro touched 48.5C, Sibbi 48C.

The next few days remain in the 44-47C range in the hottest areas.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Extreme heat during April and May is typical and a key trigger to the approaching monsoon but it would seem, the last 3-5 years have hosted more intense and longer duration heat waves.

These two images capturing the same village just 6 months apart show the importance of the monsoon.

Despite a possible return of El Nino this year, the Indian Met Office expect the 2017 monsoon season to be about 96% of average.

Some of the information in this article is courtesy of Etienne Kapikian and Sindh Weather.


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