Warm 2016-17 Winter Brings Impressive Snow Stats & Interesting Connection To 82-83

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Well there are a few interesting stats still coming in from the warm winter of 2016-17.

While Caribou, Maine has unimpressively surpassed it’s annual average of 111.9 inches with 121.6 inches, the duration in which the deep snow has stuck around has been impressive.

Following a sudden surge of near summer-like warmth, Caribou finally saw their snow depth drop below 12 inches or 1 foot on Tuesday for the first time in an incredible, record-breaking 132 days.

As for New York state, the title for snowiest city typically goes to Syracuse. However, following several big snowstorms including two record 24-hour snowfalls, Binghamton has beaten Syracuse to New York’s top spot for snowiest city. This is Binghamton’s first time in some 34 years.


The 2016-17 season was also their snowiest on record with latest totals topped 135.2 inches, surpassing the 131.3 inches in 1993-94.

What’s rather interesting is that while back in 1982-83, Binghamton’s was NY’s snowiest city, that same season saw California’s Northern Sierra set a ‘water year’ record. It just so happens that 2016-17 may well surpass the 82-83 record this week.


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