System NHC Once Watched For Trop Development Becomes Tempest Off Newfoundland

There are not one but two systems dominating the weather on the North American east coast. The first is a newly developed coastal feature off New England which is bringing rain from DC to New York and a wintry mix to Boston while more significant snow is impacting the interior Northeast and New England.



As you can see, temperatures are borderline even over New England while it’s too warm for the Big Cities.



However, the big storm capturing our main attention is a huge wheel of wind, wave, snow located east of Newfoundland.

The same system which the National Hurricane Center was watching just a couple of days ago for potential rare March development is now a beast east of Newfoundland and is doing strange things.

Nice visible satellite loop of this storm winding up during Friday.

This monster storm system is courtesy of former Invest 90L, T-Storm complex over US and disturbance riding northerly jet stream.

Credit: Stu Ostro

Despite being some 400 miles to the ESE, this intense system has drove 70 mph ENE winds and heavy snow into eastern Newfoundland creating blizzard conditions.

Here was Norris Arm last night.

Credit: Debbie Stuckless‏ @goneblond

More to come through Saturday…

Credit: The Weather Network

Also, the ENE wind direction has forced sea ice north side of the Avalon Peninsula into east facing harbours including St John’s.


Pack ice moving into St John’s Harbour. A scene not seen in the area since the 1980s.

Michael Winsor Photo‏ @WinsorM

Credit: Mark Robinson

Credit: Mark Robinson

Credit: Mark Robinson

Amazingly the storm was far enough off Newfoundland that while the east of the island was pummelled, the WNW was largely unscathed.

Credit: Stan Collins‏ @stan_sdcollins

Further WNW and on the Canadian mainland, beneath a clear, COLD sky of western Labrador, Wabush dipped to -29.3C.


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