Record Warm Gulf of Mexico Could Enhance 2017 Severe Weather/Hurricane Season

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It’s been a record warm winter from Galveston to Miami and a lot of this is down to the average skin temperature over the entire Gulf of Mexico failing to drop below 73 degrees. This added fuel is likely to enhance the severe weather season which is cranking now and potentially later, any tropical cyclones.

Current SST anomaly. Note the western Gulf of Mexico.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

You don’t typically see 72-76F SST’s over the Gulf of Mexico in late March.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

There’s a direct link between record warm GOM and Texas/Louisiana winter temperatures.

It was like summer never ended in Miami, FL.

An incredible 69 out of 90 days this past winter saw a temperature exceed 80F according to John Morales.

Sites stretching from Brownsville, TX to Miami, FL witnessed their warmest or top 5 warmest February on record.

Directly due to a stream of abnormally warm waters streaming through the Florida Straits and curling up and around the basin.

Credit: NASA

Mid summer level temperatures have been witnessed through much of February and March and now that the heat is building while the cross-continent Pacific storm track remains active, the severe weather and tornado season is off to a speedy start.

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