Springtime Anticyclone: Frosty Nights, Mild Days

This weekend, UK sits beneath a classic spring ridge of high pressure. This entails day after day of much the same weather. Clear skies by night mean rural if not town frosts but those clear skies by day mean lot’s of bright sunshine and warmth.

These strong anticyclones which park directly over the UK during late March into April provide large diurnal temperature swings or difference in temperature between night and day.

Credit: chorleyweather.com

Credit: chorleyweather.com

All thanks to light wind, clear sky and probably the most important aspect is the DRY air. Dry air in a light wind regime cools quickly at sunset and subsequently heats quickly once the sun comes up.

This weekend could see 14-16C widely inland while by morning, rural areas will have cooled back to freezing point or just below.

This strong upper ridge looks to steadily shift east into early next week allowing a east, southeasterly to develop, drawing cooling air in off eastern/central Europe.

Credit: chorleyweather.com

By Tuesday we’re back beneath the fight zone.

Credit: chorleyweather.com

By Wednesday, low pressure is firmly back in charge.

Credit: chorleyweather.com

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