Pressure Squeeze Brings Stormy Weather To Both Ends Of Western Europe

As well as North America, there has been a lot going on this side of the Atlantic and the last 24 hours has been no exception. Following the rapid flip from record heat to record rainfall, strong and damaging winds became the focus last night into this morning across Gibraltar and the southern tip of Iberia. In fact both ends of Western Europe experienced strong winds.

Severe gales battered far Northern Scotland and particularly Orkney, Shetland and Faroes yesterday while strong easterly gales whipped through the Strait of Gibraltar thanks to the tight pressure squeeze of low pressure near Morocco and another deeper low near Iceland with a strong high in between over NW France.

You can see the strong winds between Iceland and Scotland as well as through the Alboran Sea and Gulf of Cadiz

Due to a lorry driver not obeying high wind warnings, this was the scene on the Forth Road Bridge yesterday afternoon.

Credit: Forth Road Bridge

Winds gusting only 58 mph managed to flip this flimsy trailer over. Exactly why the ban on HGV’s.

The Faroes, positioned between Shetland and Iceland, frequently endure severe gales as it sits beneath the main storm track.

This was the scene on the Faroes shoreline back in January! Wow!

Óla Reinert í Geilini

This was Christmas Day when wind speeds reportedly reached 176 mph.

A squeeze in pressure between Iceland and France led to winds gusting 77 mph at Lerwick, Shetland while a squeeze in pressure between a low just off Morocco’s NW coast and French high led to a gale force easterly wind, AKA, the Levanter.

This was the wild scene at Europa Point, Spain and Europe’s southernmost point which sticks out into the narrow Strait of Gibraltar, separating two continents by only 9 miles.

Credit: Franz-Josef Odinius

Near the town of Algecires on Spain’s Strait of Gibraltar, a levanter wind gust of 64 mph was recorded.

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