Summer Arrives Across Iberia, Turning HOT In Canaries

After FC Barcelona experienced their greatest turnaround in history last night, the sun is well and truly shinning today. In fact, southern and eastern Iberia is already climbing into the middle 20s as of late this morning.

A dominant Greenland-North Atlantic trough, Azores ridge parked over Iberia means a warm pattern even in March.



Visible satellite shows barely a wisp of cloud thanks to a strengthening Azores high.

Via MeteoGib

Still to reach noon and it’s already 26C in Valencia.

Credit: Meteoceil

We could see the peninsula’s first 30C this afternoon.

Credit: MeteoGib

Meanwhile, 1,500 miles to the south and the Canaries are heating up to ‘heat wave levels’. Thanks to the Azores heat bubble positioned to the north over Spain, winds on the southerly flank are transporting air from Africa westward across the islands and when that Africa wind blows (calima), it get’s hot and dusty in the Canaries, even in March.

A Sahara dust laden easterly blowing off Africa known as the Calima boosted temperatures to 32C in southern Tenerife yesterday.

Credit: Canary Weather

Today it could reach the mid 30s as the Calima wind picks up.

Check out the Saharan dust plume crossing the island archipelago yesterday.

Credit: NASA


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