Storm Zeus, Supported By ‘Sting Jet’ Generates 120 mph Winds On French Coast


An active Atlantic with strong jet stream, formed an area of low pressure late Saturday into Sunday which rapidly intensified as it clipped southern Ireland and met the English Channel. While it was an atypical wet and windy morning across the southern UK, on the other side of the channel, winds were downright dangerous.

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Why? The formation of a ‘sting jet’ on the southern flank of the storm which transfers jet stream wind energy down to the surface and as a result, 100-120 mph winds near sea level brought significant damage to coastal NW France.

Simon Lee

Simon Lee

Hurricane-force gusts in excess of 90 mph on the NW tip of France almost directly beneath the nose of the sting jet.

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Coastal stations on the exposed NW top of France recorded wind gusts of up to 120 mph this morning.



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Two lorries blown over on a bridge in Nantes.

This appears to have been WESTERN France’s strongest windstorm since 1997.

Lot’s the lightning as the powerful cyclone crosses France and sets it’s sights on the French Riviera and Italy where 80 mph winds are expected.

Looks like Storm Zeus finally fades along the Libya coast after battering the French Riviera, Corsica, Sicily and mainland Italy according to the GFS.


Credit: BBC Weather


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