Wierd February: Many Eastern US Sites On Track For Warmest Feb, 70s Up To Burlington, VT?

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Remember the ridiculously ‘hot’ March 2012, well I guess we’re now witnessing it in February 2017.

The cold of December seems a distant memory as warmth has essentially overwhelmed the pattern since the turn of the New Year.

Oh, to make this month even weirder, let’s not forget this from just 10 days ago up in Maine!

3 ‘weather bombs’ within a week brought daily and monthly record snow and snow depths to cities including Bangor and Portland, ME.

However, the 50-90″ deep snowpack for some and more widely 20-40″ nearer the coast has been rapidly melting as heat from the south moves in.

Bangor, ME has witnessed a 4th consecutive 45F+ day, 2nd longest on record for February and snow depth has went from 31 to 7″ in 10 days.

The heat has been on even in Maine but significantly tempered by the deep snow cover. It’s Maine and the Pacific Northwest that’s not joined the rest of the nation in the much warmer than normal February,

While most Midwest/Eastern sites are on track for the warmest February on record, it’s likely the January-February period will also be one of the warmest.

Credit: WxBell

100-degree heat in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas certainly made for a great source region of heat.

Never thought I would see 72 degrees in Burlington, VT in February!!!

Boston, comfortably set a new February record.

Excerpt from weather.com

How Warm Has This February Been?

The eastern half of the United States has endured one of the warmest streaks of February weather on record. The warmer-than-average temperatures have already broken thousands of records, including over 400 all-time February record highs.
(MORE: As Spring Approaches, Here’s When Temperatures Typically Warm Up)
Many locations are currently on track to recording their warmest February on record, according to the Southeast Regional Climate Center. This includes Dallas, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Memphis.
Several all-time record-high temperatures for February were set Feb. 11 in Texas, including, Midland, Lubbock and Wichita Falls, where highs soared into the 90s. Denver also set a new record-earliest 80-degree day on Feb. 10, breaking the previous record by more than a full month.
(MORE: All-Time February Heat in the Southern Plains)
More recently, from Feb. 17-24, roughly 2,900 daily warm records (record highs and record-warm lows) were set across the U.S. Over 250 all-time February warm records (record highs and record-warm lows) were also set, according to NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

Remember the FEET of snow just a week ago, well the extreme warmth has eaten it all up.

With a cold front slamming this May-like heat, we also get an unusual severe weather outbreak.

Credit: weather.com

First February tornado for Massachusetts.

Watch today’s video.

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