Australia Heatwave 2017: February & All-Time Records Fall From Queensland To NSW

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It’s been a tail of two halves during January with cool and wet conditions for northern parts of Western Australia while it’s been record hot for Sydney. February has opened where January left off with the opening 11 days witnessing monthly or even all-time records from Queensland to South Australia thanks to a persistent clear skies beneath a powerful upper ridge. Thanks to hot, dry winds blowing from interior towards the coast, major cities from Brisbane to Sydney across to Adelaide has witnessed some of the hottest days in the last 120 years.

Visible and infrared imagery shows cloudless skies and deep purples representing the scalding, arid conditions dominating a vast swathe of the eastern continent.

Credit: BOM

6 hours ago

#Canberra reached 41.6 C just after 2pm – only the third time on record of 2 days in a row over 40.

BOM New South Wales ‏@BOM_NSW 6h
6 hours ago

Penrith has reached 46.9 C setting a new record. Previous hottest 46.5 C on 18 Jan 2013.

BOM New South Wales ‏@BOM_NSW 4h
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Ivanhoe (New South Wales) reached 47.6 C this afternoon – the hottest in the state so far. Many locations have set February temperature records.

Adelaide, South Australia experienced their hottest value since Dec 2015 with 42.4C and has endured 3 straight 40C days, the first occurrence during February since 1914.

Mildura, Victoria witnessed 46C on two straight days. The first occurrence on record.

Dangerous heat in Sydney, Australia, to persist after 121-year-old record falls

By Kristina Pydynowski, AccuWeather senior meteorologist
February 11, 2017, 2:17:32 AM EST

After a 121-year-old heat record fell on Friday, dangerously hot weather will continue to bake Sydney, Australia, on Saturday.
Friday became the 10th day this summer to record highs exceeding 35 Celsius (95 Fahrenheit) at Sydney’s Observatory Hill (the city’s official weather station) as temperatures soared to 37.5 C (99.5 F).
Never before have so many such days been registered in a summer since record-keeping began in 1859. The old record for the most days was nine, which was originally set during the summer of 1895-96, according to data from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Picture: Toby Zerna

The new record reached 11 days as temperatures soared to 36 C (97 F) on Saturday.
At the Sydney Airport, a new record was set for the hottest February day with a high of 42.9 C (109.2 F) on Friday. The old record was 42.6 C (108.7 F) originally set on 21 February 1980.
For a city where a high of 26.5 C (80 F) is more common in February, this latest blast of heat will continue to put a strain on residents.

Back in January, Sydney broke the all-time record for warmest night with a minimum of 28.8C. The old record was 27.6C set on the morning of Feb 6, 2011.

These we’re 7.30am readings across the continent on the morning of Jan 18.

Surface map for morning of Jan 18th.

Towns in SE Queensland witnessed their hottest day on record today.

On Feb 8th, Tarcoola, South Australia soared to 48.2C which set an all-time record here and was the hottest place in the country.

Moomba and Coles Point, South Australia soared to 46.4C and 43.6C respectively both set new February records.

The February record for Australia is 50.5C set on 19 Feb, 1998 at Mardie, Western Australia.

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