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A storm system centred over the Northern Plains will separate the West and East from winter and summer respectively. While snow and temps 10-15 below normal dominate the West, summer lives on from St Louis to Philly with storms and heavy rain in between.

Credit: weather.com

Credit: weather.com

As for the Northeast, following some hot summery days, fall is ready to arrive this weekend.

Credit: weather.com

Credit: weather.com

What Was Your Hottest Temperature This Summer?

Sep 22 2016 11:00 AM EDT
By Brian Donegan

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For the Lower 48 states, 2016 had the fifth-hottest summer on record.

The record-hottest summer was recorded in 45 total U.S. cities this year.

After the fifth-hottest meteorological summer (June-August) on record in the Lower 48 states, you may be wondering, “what was the hottest temperature recorded over the past few months where I live?”

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The Western Regional Climate Center created this handy map, providing the answer to that question.

Maximum Temperature in Summer 2016 (May 1 – Sept. 20)  (Western Regional Climate Center)

There were 45 U.S. cities that recorded their record-hottest summer this year. Here are a few from each region.

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Bridgeport, Connecticut, Concord, New Hampshire, Cleveland and Detroit are four cities that just recorded their record-hottest summer. Here’s the hottest temperature each of them recorded.

Summer 2016 Hottest Temp. Date of Hottest Temp.
Bridgeport 96 degrees Aug. 15
Cleveland 95 degrees July 22
Concord 99 degrees Aug. 12
Detroit 98 degrees July 23

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Charleston, South Carolina, New Orleans, Tallahassee, Florida, and West Palm Beach, Florida, are all coming off their hottest summers on record. Here’s the hottest temperature each of these cities recorded.

Summer 2016 Hottest Temp. Date of Hottest Temp.
Charleston 100 degrees July 13
New Orleans 100 degrees June 26
Tallahassee 100 degrees Aug. 23
West Palm Beach 95 degrees Aug. 4

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Anchorage, Alaska, just recorded its record-hottest summer, along with Las Vegas and Palm Springs, California. Here are these cities’ highest temperatures of the summer:

Summer 2016 Hottest Temp. Date of Hottest Temp.
Anchorage 83 degrees June 16
Las Vegas 115 degrees July 28
Palm Springs 122 degrees June 20

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Other Notables

Although these cities didn’t see record-hot summers, they were still hot the past few months. Here’s what their hottest recorded temperatures were:

Summer 2016 Hottest Temp. Date of Hottest Temp.
Baltimore 100 degrees July 25
Boston 98 degrees Aug. 12
New York City (Central Park) 96 degrees Aug. 13
Philadelphia 98 degrees Aug. 13
Rochester, New York 96 degrees Aug. 12
Washington D.C. (Reagan National Airport) 101 degrees Aug. 13

It was the persistence of this heat that also contributed to one of the hottest summers on record.

Now that fall has officially arrived, many will be able to enjoy the cooler, crisper air that the season ushers in from Canada. The worst is definitely behind us.[/s2If][s2If current_user_cannot(access_s2member_level1)][magicactionbox id=”18716″][/s2If]

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