Wet March Puts Disappointing Northern California Rainy Season Above Normal

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A good start to the rainy season in November-December gave way to a disappointing heart of the rainy season in January-February with drier and warmer than normal conditions.


However, the latest series of March storms to slam California has meant San Francisco’s rainy season has went from below to above normal and snowfall in the Sierra is above normal unlike the previous 4 years.

Credit: Mike Nicco

Credit: Mike Nicco

Credit: Mike Nicco

Credit: Mike Nicco


6 inches so far in March puts San Francisco at 107% of normal rainfall for the year to date.


Credit: Jan Null

Credit: Jan Null

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Up to 5ft fell in the mountains south of Tahoe in the last 3 days.



The entire Sierra snowpack currently sits at 94%, above normal just south of Tahoe but below normal further south.



Reservoir levels are also on the rise with Shasta at 103% of normal. South Bay reservoirs are at 64% and rising.



What a difference a mere 4 months makes to Uvas Reservoir, now at 104% of normal. Photos courtesy of Darcie Nelson.

Credit: Darcie Nelson

Credit: Darcie Nelson

Credit: Darcie Nelson

Credit: Darcie Nelson

Yep, the ECMWF is cooking up quite the Northeast snowstorm this weekend!



See the video for more.

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