Wet Pattern Already Cranking For California, 3 Storms, 15″ Of Rain Within 7 Days

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It’s been said here since summer that California is in for a wetter than normal winter given the global drivers and particularly the warm water stretching from the Baja up to Alaska as well as the El Nino.

Last week saw in ONE STORM, more rain fall in San Francisco than ALL of 2013.

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Not 1 but potentially 3 storm systems will help steer a pineapple express type moisture plume into California over the next 7-10 days.

This water vapour image captured earlier and tweeted by the Bay Area NWS says it all.

Check out the long fetch of moisture extending out across the Pacific that will eventually take aim at California.

Credit: NWS Bay Area

Credit: NWS Bay Area

Latest QPF drops nearly 15 inches of rain to the north, 12 inches to the south of the Bay Area in just 7 days.


As for the longer range. The CFSv2 is looking good with it’s 700mb height anomaly forecast.


So too is it’s surface temperature anomaly.


See video. More tomorrow.

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