Latest Siberian Strat Warming Confirms Threat Of Another Record US Cold Blast In December

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We’re seeing a new surge of warming at 30mb above Siberia. The 3rd since early October. Each burst of warmth from Siberia into northern North America has brought record cold into the Lower 48. This latest burst only confirms or reinforces my ideas for December and the winter overall.

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I believe another potentially record cold outbreak is on the way given this latest warming in the upper atmosphere. Why am I pretty confident? Well the evidence has been shown twice already from the same thing happening. This next blast (if occurs) would come more into winter and thus the cold in theory should be strongest yet. With history as a guide, these repeat patterns and plunges of arctic/Siberian air have been known to pave the way for a super outbreak in the heart of winter like we saw in 1985.

Getting to that severity would be tough given that Jacksonville, FL hit 7F, Nashville, TN -17 and Mount Mitchell, NC shivered at -34.

Here’s that latest burst.


The previous warming produced this trough along with record cold some 10 days following!


This warming also puts more pressure on a weak polar vortex with a full split and SSWE becoming increasingly likely. If a true SSWE occurs say early to mid December, then a super arctic outbreak is highly possible. The current warm surge could trigger another record cold blast but nothing historic.

See video for more.

Next update will be Sunday!

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