Memorable US Nov Cold Outbreak Heading For US Sets Tone By BIG Winter Ahead

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We have the second, potentially stronger arctic blast of November heading for the central and eastern US and when joining up all the variables, this winter looks increasingly wild with comparisons to the late 70s showing up.

With all the years joined together with all the same variables to this year. Dec looks like this (above chart!)!

The coming cold and snow is fuelled by the now recurving typhoon Nuri, aided by a +PNA/-AO/NAO signal.

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Check out the latest ECMWF 500mb height anomaly charts which show… as the typhoon bombs out over the North Pacific, heights explode over Alaska into the Arctic. That forces a direct discharge of pure arctic air south down the spine of North America.

It looks like the arctic air comes down in 2, possibly 3 waves with each one being stronger than the last!


Notice by 120 hrs or next Monday the exceptionally strong positive now on the arctic coast with the main vortex of cold to the south. It’s as heights rise from AK to Greenland that this motherlode of cold gets forced south!



As the strong positive expands over the Canadian Archipelago, a huge piece of the POLAR VORTEX drops into the Upper Midwest by 168!





The warming we’re seeing extend from Siberia into NW North America is certainly playing a role. Expect this to continue as we head towards true winter! I fear a MAJOR winter, worse than last is coming!


See video for discussion!

More tomorrow…

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2 Reader Comments

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  1. Mark Vogan says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    Thanks very much for the feedback and kind, encouraging words. They mean a lot and makes my job all the more worthwhile and rewarding.
    Here’s to a long, cold and snowy winter!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Excellent and highly enjoyable reports, as always! Being a big fan of Winter myself, I’m especially enjoying the recent ones on the ” Big Freeze” winter apparently ahead for the Eastern and MidWest parts of the USA. Your way of presenting and explaining these wonderful details of complex meteorology and making them clear and eminently understandable to folks like me cannot be found anywhere else as far as I’m aware. Plus they are incredibly reliable. Don’t think many folks realize how difficult your job is to be so spot on right about your forecasts 99% of the time. That takes not only incredible talent but an impressive understanding of the science of meteorology. And to additionally have your ability to actually make the weather reports so much fun is well – amazing. I know many folks are hoping for a nice cold winter, so here’s hoping you all in the UK get your fair share of all this Siberian, Polar, etc. air mass to chill it all down for the Great Winter of 2014/15!

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