NA Today: Hottest Day Of Summer For NYC / 1st Snows For Banff / Dolly Hit’s Mexico!

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It’s a tail of two halves or extremes this afternoon across North America. While Sunshine Village, Banff (Alberta) get their first snow of the season, New York City sees their hottest day of the year (92F).

A little earlier at Sunshine Village, Banff

Source/Credit: Sunshine Village, Banff

Source/Credit: Sunshine Village, Banff



While chilly in the Canadian and northern US Rockies today, it’s feeling more like mid summer on the East Coast. Check out the current readings which more resemble July 2 rather than September 2 and the unofficial ‘end of summer’.



You know it’s hot and humid when it’s tough to see Manhattan from the Newark camera. Currently 93 as of 6pm.


Heat Index around NYC at 1pm today.


Upper air anomalies delivering the extremes today!

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

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Cooler air currently over the Northern Rockies will drift SSE through the second half of this week into the weekend and will eventually push out the heat and humidity currently over the Eastern Seaboard.



The heat eases in the East but comes back next week…


As for the tropics, well we have Dolly of course. Dolly is coming ashore on Mexico’s east-central coast as of this writing. Not as a strong TS but will she will be a significant rain maker.

Current visible




Not one but two tropical systems (Pacific side) threaten Mexico with flooding rains and landslides in the coming days. The US Southwest may also see flooding rains.


QPF rain through the next 7 days.


A look at the US pattern through the rest of September tomorrow.

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