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  1. Mark Vogan says:

    My apologies. I overlooked Nashville and that is my mistake but to try and cover every aspect of this multi impact storm is impossible. If you notice. I didn’t focus to any great detail on anywhere. However, I take your comments on board and appreciate you as a subscriber.

    • Kathleen says:

      Thank you for your kind response to my initial comment. The weather is complicated enough without having to deal with disgruntled subscribers complaining that “their” city was left out of coverage for one storm and I understand this, however it speaks to a deeper issue well-known among weather enthusiasts of the Nashville metroplex and I simply wanted to bring attention to it here; hope you don’t mind. My comment was sparked primarily by both your earlier written report on the weather of Feb 21st – SEVERE STORMS SWEEP EAST COAST, ARCTIC AIR RETURNS TO MIDWEST, CALIF DROUGHT WORSENS! combined with your video report of the same date covering the weather of North America. Throughout both of these reports you did focus on many areas of the US such as the Middle West, the Northeastern cities including those of the Great Lakes, plus Virginia, Washington DC and the East Coast many of which were far less central to this storm than Nashville, the metroplex located at the heart of this storm.
      Nashville also underwent a large temperature drop after the passage of the storm although we don’t have the Appalachian Mts. in our Western backyard as does central and eastern VA – a “minor” geographical artifact which was responsible for the larger temperature drop (and the remaining snow cover) you covered extensively in VA.
      To us in young, rapidly growing Nashville, recognized as the 3rd largest US Music Cspital after LA & NYC and known for it’s fine Universities such as Vanderbilt with the associated medical, hi tech, R&D and business development, we deal with this issue constantly – being left out of weather reporting – as people are more familiar with the older established areas of the upper Mid-West and East coast and their weather patterns.
      I wanted you to understand that this is a far larger issue that goes beyond your fine intelligent & inspired reporting and I hope you don’t mind my bringing it to your attention. No need for apologies but thank you for your attention to this issue.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Everyone in the USA was aware that Nashville TN was at the center of the massive energy of the cyclonic (South Eastern) part of this storm. Both weather predictions, models, and the storm itself held us dead center in taking the full fury of the storm.
    Due to national headlines we had friends calling us from all over the map to see if our house was still standing. Although for sure areas outside of Nashville were also hard hit – for you to ignore the Nashville metroplex, which by the way now has a population of well over 1,750,000 (ranked 36th in size in the US) – appears inexcusable.
    Here in Nashville for this particular storm we had the highest number of NWS warnings over the longest time periods above any other geographic locale. These included: high wind watches and warnings, strong thunderstorm watches and warnings, tornado watches and warnings, etc. Tornado sirens wailed for an hour or more in and around the city and we were hit with severe straight line winds and an incredibly impressive lightening storm with hail 2″ or more in size reported nearby and inevitable power outages and building damage.
    Now I must say I am a great fan of your reports and the great storehouse of knowledge you demonstrate of our planet’s complex atmosphere. I share your enthusiasm in the fascinating changes of ongoing global climate change for which we all have front row seats.
    However when you mentioned as it seemed every bit player in this grand storm and left out the rapidly growing young metroplex of Nashville – the city centered at the very heart of this event – I thought it important to set the record straight.

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