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It’s been a mild day once again with some decent spells of afternoon sun but skies are thickening as a warm front pushes in. That front brings patchy rain across the country tonight. Staying windy along the West Coast and remaining mild for all, lows tonight 6-9C.

Wednesday is looking much the same as today with a stiff southerly breeze, especially along the coast with cloud breaking through the afternoon for many. Highs 10-14C.

It turns wet and windier by Thursday.


After a cloudy day for some, sunny for others, tonight turns clear, frosty and foggy across the South and Southeast with temps dipping to between -3 and 2C, elsewhere where it’s cloudier and windier, it’s much milder at 6-9C.

After the freezing fog over the South or Southeast burns off, Wednesday is looking largely fine, dry and sunny across most of England with temps rising to between 7-10C.

It turns cloudier and somewhat wetter Thursday across the North but staying drier and brighter further south.


Another mixed day across Wales with a stiff southwest wind, some sunshine and even some patchy rain. Through tonight and skies do clear some, strongest breeze along the coast. Temps turn cool tonight inland with fog likely to form. Lows 2-8C.

Wednesday is drier, brighter and pleasant with fog giving way to sunshine and with the continued SW flow, it feels mild at 7-12C.

Turning cloudier and damp from the northwest Thursday as a system pushes in.

Northern Ireland

It’s been a cloudy and for some, damp affair today but mild and it stays mild tonight despite clearing skies. The SW wind will hold temps up overnight to between 6-8C.

Drier, brighter Wednesday with low rain chances. Highs stay up in normal figures, 10-13C.

It turns cloudy and wetter Thursday.


It’s a cloudy and breezy night to come with some light and patchy rain for many areas to start by skies may try clearing in the South through the second half of the night. Overnight temps hold at between 6-9C.

Wednesday, like today is a mixed bag yet again with cloud, some sun and the breeze will be noticeable as well as the temps, highs 10-13C.

It turns wetter and windier Thursday in the Northwest.

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